Thursday, August 2, 2012

August Challenge

When we got serious about cycling, we began measuring our ridden distance with cycling computers. Then, we found we could map our rides with our smart phones using the "My Tracks" app.  Just recently I got turned to the "Map My Ride" app.  When I signed up for the website and explored around a bit, I quickly found that you could give yourself challenges. This is also right around the same time that I was overwhelmed by the heat we are going through in South Texas. My first thought was to be conservative.  100 miles in the month of August sounds pretty good. Doesn't sound like a lot.

The next day I decided to go through the spreadsheet that "My Tracks" keeps of all the rides I've done (or at least the ones that I've remembered to take my phone on).  I don't think I've done 100 miles in one month. Ever. On the second hottest month of the year, I chose to give myself the farthest distance I've done in a month on a bicycle (I will be conservative, my subconscious said. It will be easy, my subconscious said. It will be fun, my subconscious said).

Yesterday evening, Miss Adventure and I kicked off the challenge by riding in our neighborhood for 6.61 miles.  That means I'm 6.61% through my challenge.

Only 93.39% to go.

Be Safe and Be Green.

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