Before I started on this blog.  I was reading plenty of others. Here are the blogs I read and why.

All Seasons Cyclist
I love this blog. The writer talks about his adventures riding all year long, no matter the weather. He provides product reviews and is unmerciful when writing them. Like he says "No Advertising. No Sponsors. No Bull." Half the stuff he reviews I didn't knew it even existed, but now I know they do and why and when they are needed.

You Ain't Got Jack
Meet Linsay.  A self proclaimed couch potato that has taken upon herself to make a better life not only for herself but also for her toddler son, Jack. She takes us along with her on her journey. The high and the lows are there, holding little back. Must read.

How to Fix Bikes
Simple name for a great blog. I like this blog because it explains with great detail how to fix, disassemble, and modify that thing we pedal through the streets. Gerry's book is a must download and definitely a must read for anyone who rides a bicycle. Also, if you download his book, don't be a cheapskate, drop a donation.

Bicycling for the Heck of It!
When I was looking around for blogs to read, I was pleasantly surprised to find a blog written from San Antonio. Matthew is great at listing local events and happenings about town. Must read if you are a South Texas cyclist.

Bike Communters
These guys give product reviews and advice on how to commute around town in a bike. I really like their out-of-nowhere stories.

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