Friday, September 14, 2012

What have I done?

As you may not know yet, I failed my August challenge. I only biked 71.88 of my 100 mile challenge. I started strong at the beginning of the month, and I tried to have a strong finnish. The middle two weeks though, I didn't get a chance to bike a lot. Somewhere at the end of the month, I was influenced by the spirit of the challenge and I signed up for Conquer the Coast and I signed up to do the Bike Tour on the San Antonio Rock'n'Roll Marathon.

     Out of the two, I'm dreading the Bike Tour a little more. It's only 22 miles, but you have to keep a minimum speed of 10 mph, and as far as I understand it, you are not allowed to stop for a break. Sounds pretty daunting. I know I can do 22 miles. I just don't know if I can do the miles without stopping. I guess I have two months to find out.

     On the other hand, I'm really excited about riding in Conquer the Coast.  Miss Adventure and I, both signed up to do this event, and we both signed up to do the 25 mile ride. One of the reasons I'm excited about this ride is that we get to ride all along Ocean Dr in Corpus Christi. From the northern tip of downtown to the entrance of the Naval Air Station. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would ever get a chance to ride the whole length of Ocean Dr. Not even when I first started cycling.

     Conquer the Coast also marks the very first organized cycling race that we've ever participated in. Last I read from their facebook page, last year they had nearly 1,500 participants. That's a lot of riders... but I'm still very excited for us to join them.

Be Safe and Be Green.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Yeah, this is not going to play nice with my allergies...

Friday, September 7, 2012

My grandfather...

... once told me.  "It's not only important that you learn from your own mistakes, but that you also learn from the mistakes of others."  With that in mind, I started this blog strong, and then I went back to reading about cycling as much as I could.  Always thinking, "This would be a great thing to share on my blog."

So without much further ado. I present to you today's link full of information. It's from the guardian, a newspaper from the UK that happens to have a section on cycling news.  Today's link features some good, and healthy, tips on how to increase the distance you can ride your bike. Enjoy.

Be Safe and be Green.