Friday, November 30, 2012

Plenty to be Thankful for...

     This past three months have been nothing short of remarkable, and considering how we just finished the the week of Thanksgiving.  It led me to thinking about all the things that I have to be thankful for.  The first two are kind of a package deal. My family and my health.  Without either of which, I could have had the last three wonderful months on my bicycle.

      Before the start of September, the only organized cycling event I had ever done was Ride of Silence.  In the past three months I've done Conquer the Coast, Trek Women's Breast Cancer Awareness Ride, and the 2012 San Antonio Rock'n'Roll Marathon Bike Tour.  All of which, I wouldn't have thought I would have done just a year ago.

     There is something about massively organized rides that gets my motor running. The euphoria of knowing you just completed and accomplished something you thought was beyond your capabilities is difficult to describe and exhilarating to pursue.  To feel the support and encouragement of family members is like butterscotch icing on the adrenaline cake.  To have them by my side or waiting at the finish line puts a little extra wind behind your rear wheel and little more drive to push the pedals a little harder for just a bit longer.  Again... difficult to describe... but thankful and grateful none the less.

Be Safe and Be Green.