Thursday, July 19, 2012

Soap box

Goes to coat closet and begins to rummage.  
Finally finds soap box.
Blows dust off of soap box, takes it outside to the middle of the street.
Stand on top of Box.
Because of my work, I find myself driving early in the morning.  I'm talking 5:30 AM early in the morning.  Today I saw 4 casual cyclists, and at least 6 runners/walkers.  Ordinarily I have a warm and fuzzy spot for anyone riding a bike or out running/walking. Today, every single cyclist and runner had no lights and no reflective clothing of any type. A couple of runners where even dressed in full black clothing (O_o).
If you are going to go out in the street early in the morning to exercise, good for you, BUT FOR THE LOVE OF GOD PUT A BLINKY ON YOURSELF OR YOUR BIKE!!!!! I for one don't want to be charged with involuntary manslaughter because I couldn't see you until you became a speed bump for my truck.
Thank you.  That'll be all.
Be safe and be Green.
Get off soap box.
Walk into house and put Soap box back in closet.

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